How to throw a Mickey Mouse Party on a tight budget and schedule

Are you planning a kids party?

Are you short of budget or schedule or both?

Is your kiddo crazy about the magic mouse?

Party Intro

You’re at the right place. I once helped a friend put together a Mickey Mouse party in about 3 days. It was decided at the last minute and so we had to rush and settle for ideas that we could wrap up within the given time. Nonetheless, the party turned out a huge hit and I’m happy to share our quick, simple and easy-to-do ideas here.

You’ll need:

  • Plenty of construction paper (red, yellow and black)
  • Scissors
  • Couple of helping hands willing to cut out lots and lots of shapes
  • A printer (optional, but extremely useful)
  • Balloons (yellow, red and black)
  • Red/yellow party hats (Optional. Make your own party hats instead)
  • Card Stock (optional)

Mickey Mouse Cheatsheet

Note: The 3 children clipart in this infographic were Designed by Freepik. Pluto was downloaded from DisneyClips

helpful tips

  • I’m not going into a detailed step-by-step here because most of the things are easily done using paper and scissors.
  • The Mickey shape in this infographic was created using 3 circles. You may download it from the internet or make your own circles. Create templates in different sizes and then use the same for all other items.

The games

Pin the Tail on Pluto

This is the classic pin the tail game, on pluto. Download and print out a large picture of pluto (or draw your own). Cut out the background including the tail. Make a tail using paper or felt. I used a magnetic board for the game and stuck a magnet to the felt tail for our group of young kids.

Donald, Donald, Goofy!

You guessed it! It is a silly version of our favourite “duck, duck, goose”.

Prof Ludwig’s IQ test

This is a simple quiz to keep the kids entertained in between games and to give out little goodies. The questions were as simple as “How many buttons are there in mickey’s pants” or “Who is the guy jealous of Mickey”.

Goofy memory Cards

These are your regular snap/memory cards. (Check out the end of this post to download)

Clarabelle’s ‘Moo’sical Chairs

A game of musical chairs is never out of date.


Here are 2 resources for Mickey Mouse party food ideas:

Need more ideas?

Have more time to spare? Then take a look at these awesome ideas around the web..

And FREE PHOTO PROPS Mickey Mouse printable & templates from Cake Crusaders Blog

Your turn!

What do you think about these ideas? Have you done any of them yourself? Let me know by commenting below!

Free Download:

Click to Download “Goofy” Memory Cards || A4 Size || Letter Size

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Tangle Doodle Hands and Names – A visual step-by-step guide

Tangle Doodle 1

I’ve always loved the way each one of these projects turned out. This time I included the kids’ names (which are not displayed in the pictures here in order to protect the kids’ privacy), written in bubble fonts by the kids and decorated in lines too. It’s fun and colourful and worked as a great patience exercise.

So here’s your visual step-by-step guide.

1. Trace your (or your child’s) hand using pencil on your paper

zentangle hands 1

2. Outline using your Sharpie (or any permanent marker)

zentangle hands 2

3. Write your name in bubble font

You may use any double lined font but we find the bubble font easiest for young kids. A trick is to write the name with pencil and then draw around it with Sharpie in your preferred font and then erase the pencil lines.

zentangle hands 3

4. Practise a few patterns on a scrap paper

zentangle hands 4

5. Start drawing patterns within the outline of the hand

zentangle hands 5

6. Continue till you fill up the whole drawing including the letters

zentangle hands 6

7. Start colouring your patterns using coloured markers

Any marker should work here. We used Crayola washable marker which is our favourite, go-to product.

zentangle hands 7

8. Cover the background with a simple watercolour wash

Keep it simple and single coloured because your designs are already colourful enough.

zentangle hands 8

9. Finish, stand back and admire your work!

zentangle hands 9

Tangle Doodle Gallery:

Tangle Doodle 2

Monoprinting Sunset Boats

MonoPrinting Sunset 3a.jpg

Here is a simple icebreaker lesson I created for a group of new lower primary (7 to 9 years old) students. It sure was a hit, uses quite a number of fun techniques and made the kids feel ‘grown up’ on the first day of art class.

You need:

  • A4 sheet of painting paper. I suggest cutting your paper into half if you’re using drawing block. This project is better done in small size.
  • Dark coloured construction paper, preferably brown or black
  • Pencil/marker for drawing the boat
  • A pair of scissors
  • Tempera paint:
    • Blue
    • Turquoise/light blue
    • White
    • Yellow
    • Orange
    • Red
  • 1 large round/flat paint brush
  • A wide toothed comb or other object for creating lines


Who says you can’t start playing with blue paint on the first day?

  1. Fold the paper into half horizontally.
  2. Start painting blue on the bottom, blending turquoise and white as you move upward. Stop when you reach the fold.
  3. Use the comb to create waves.


(Your sea should be dry by the end of this step. If your paint doesn’t dry that fast, go on to build your boat first before working on the sky)

  1. Paint the centre of the horizon yellow and blend with orange and red as you move upward and outward.
  2. Paint quickly as you move. It doesn’t need to be perfect and any flaws in brush stroke will represent unique cloud formation.
  3. Once the whole paper is covered, take white paint on a clean brush and add some  sun rays from the middle towards the edge of the sky. Clean the brush every time you load it with fresh paint.
  4. Again, it’s ok to have some paint smudge but make sure you move quickly as you need your paint to be still wet for the next step.


  1. Make sure the sea is dry and the sky still has fresh, wet paint.
  2. Use the fold at the horizon made at the beginning and fold the sheet.
  3. Then press.

Here you go! You have some of the sky reflected on the sea surface.


  1. Draw a simple boat on the construction paper. In our case, we drew a few shapes to create the boat so that it’s easy to cut.
  2. Cut out the boat.
  3. Once the above 3 parts of the painting are done, paste the boat on the painting.


Sit back and enjoy your beautiful sunset boats.

MonoPrinting Sunset 1.jpg