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Dear Baby,
Today we went to get your immunisation done. As with any of our outings, you were in your best mood – sleeping. You cried only a little, before falling back asleep. You are most contended and happy while we go out. You start sleeping the moment I put on your outing clothes and wakeup only when we reach home, mostly crying. Blame the hot, humid weather and our air-conditioned destinations.

You are an easy baby when we are outside. I wish we can be out and about all the time-without having to clean and cook.
You sleep through the night and I have a tough time waking you up for feeding every 2 hours. Sometimes, I have tried to wake you up for 45 minutes, unsuccessfully before I quit trying, only to wake up 1 hour later to try again. But I’m not tired. Your mommy has a gift she doesn’t have trouble falling back asleep, any number of times per night. That is, when you are not near me and are sleeping in my parents’ bed. You are notorious to make noises in sleep, noises that surely tells me you are choking, or having breathing trouble, but when I open my eyes to look, you are asleep, as serene as a still photograph. During the days after we came home, I had lost as much sleep at night and refused to sleep during the day that you father and grand parents decided that it was best for you to sleep not with me so I can be ready to carry you around when my mother leaves in 2 months.
Your newfound joy is to look-at things and faces. You open your eyes wide, cheerful and smiling, and look and I would die to look at you. Its not like the unfocussed look you were looking dyring the past month. You have also started to converse enthusistically, except that there is no sound coming from your little mouth.
When it’s sleep time, you lay in your grandparents’ bed and look through the window at the lights in the blocks nearby. Your bedtime routine involves looking through the window and conversing with your grandpa. When you are fussy, we use a musical show piece you love so much.
When I offer a breast or your pacifier to you and if you really want it at that moment, you open your mouth wide and shake your head from side to side in an attempt to get hold of it fast. You do it with such speed that you even fail to notice that I am offering it to you and of course, you miss all the time and end up frustrated. It looks really funny.
You open your eyes wide when the light goes off or even dims as if you are surprised. You seem to catch even the slightest change in the amount of light. You do it again and again when we switch on and off the light simultanously, just to make fun of you….

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