May 29, 2008 Sugirdha 0Comment

Dear Baby,
You are a week old today. And you already have a personality. It’s amazing to think that the little buddie I was carrying around in my belly for 9 months has become a real human being. I love you so dearly that I hate to say I miss you from my tummy. But quite often I do wish I can put you back into my stomach…

It has only been one week. Only 4 days since we came home. And I feel like you were with me for a lifetime. I cannot think of a time when you were not here. It is impossible to think that only a week ago, you were not in this house and only 9 months ago, you didn’t even exist. You are a part of my life, my soul.

You have preferences. You know which bottle teat is good. And which is not! Coincidently, you love the costliest bottle and teat we found in the stores. You refuse to take any other bottle into your mouth. You push it out with your tongue if we force it in.

You love human contact. You love to be carried in our arms. You love that with such a determination and demand that you be cradled in our arms all the time.

You are happy to be on your own once in a while, that is about 10 to 15 minutes per day. You love to sleep on your cot and our bed and nowhere else. Above all, you sleep only in airconditioned rooms!

You have not uncurled from your fetal position yet. You keep your legs wide apart like a frog and sometimes even on your diaper. We have unsuccessfully tried to keep it straight before it would curl back like a spring.

You hate to being covered at any time. You kick out the coverwith such an ease if we dared to put it on you. While you wakeup from sleep, even if we are in the same room, before even we realize you had woke up, the cover will be below your legs. So fast for a newborn, I would say! Way to go, baby!

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