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Dearest baby,

You are 10 months old, officially. For the past 2 months, I have been thinking of writing 8 and 9 months posts for you, and I found myself skipping it all. I find it extremely difficult to put your emerging personality into words. And not to mention the time factor. You have caught a cough last 2 days and I dosed you with cough syrup. The end result? You are still asleep. It’s 11.30 in the morning and I have finished all my chores. So here I am, writing again.

Ofcourse, you made sure that you wake me up 10 minutes before my alarm went off, slapping my face and pulling my hair with your cute edible hands and then went back to sleep, which is one of your regular routines these days.

You learnt to pull up to a stand when you were 8 months. With that development came your ability to hold yourself stable in most positions, and I found that you were not falling down countless number of times a day. We went to India on a month’s vacation and you had a diarrhoea. I don’t blame it on my home country, but the change in climate, water, travel etc. It went on for about 3 weeks and you lost so much weight.

You also learnt a lot of new things and games, thanks to your grand parents. You learnt to clap and wave. You also said your first few words when we were staying with my parents and we found you telling random words, following someone saying that. Your first and favourite word was “green tea”. You also said words like blade, train and my name. And you seem to have forgotten that skill after we left my parents!

You learnt to remove your own shirt, which makes changing times a little easier but at the same time, a little more challenging. Easier because you can remove your own shirt, and more challenging because you never allow me to put any other shirt or bib on you. And again, that increases the amount of laundry I do every week.

You turned 9 months while we were still in India. You usually do something new for every month birthday and to mark your 9 months birthday, you had climbed a step to enter the bathroom, where I had filled your bath tub with water. Talking of that, you LOVE to bath. I don’t know if any other baby would have loved bathing the way you do. You order me to take you to the bath room all-the-time and get angry if I did dare take you out of the bath. You also learnt to cruise, holding on to furniture, if there were some really tempting objects to take, like phones and remote controls.

Last night, when we were playing together, your dad put one of your play cups in his ear, which you thought was funny. Later when he handed the cup to you, you put it in your ear and tried to imitate your dad. And you were quite successful in it. This morning, I tried to engage you with those play cups while I chatted with my mom and you surprised me by putting the cup in your ear just the way your dad had done, last night. We are all amazed by how big a memory space you have in your little brain.

Right now, as I type this, you are tugging to my skirt and jumping and saying mammmammammam meaning, asking me to pick you up. You still don’t say ‘mama’.

You also love company. When we are with friends or family, or someone you like, you prefer being with them rather than me, sometimes even your dad. I found that you were being okay with them alone for even half an hour. When you are hungry or haven’t seen me for some time, you stretch your arms and jump to me saying mammammammammm. Is this your way of saying ‘mama’, son?

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