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“Ten? Just ten? Who can’t write ten points about their spouse?” was my response before I first decided to try it out myself. I was excited about the whole idea and resisted to urge to start writing before hubby came home. I announced that he would expect a half an hour activity when he got home. I would rather say he was a bit disappointed when he found that this was the activity I mentioned.

Sweet that he is, he agreed to go on with this activity. When dinner was over and the baby was sleeping, we each sat down with our notepads and pens and started writing. The page began like this. “Write down 10 positive points about ___”

I started numbering my points. Number one. And was stuck for a while before I decided one really good quality of my husband and wrote it down. The second point took rather more time to reach the paper. When I was still pondering about the third, hubby announced that ten is rather too much. We could downgrade the list to 5 points. When asked if he could not write just 10 good points about his wife, he said “oh dear, I know that the other 5 points are somewhere out there, it’s just not coming to my mind right now”. I agreed, but inwardly I was ashamed to admit that I, on the other hand was stammering at my 3rd point.

After some time, we both were done with our 5 points each and shared with each other. It was funny. Somewhere in between, I had written “My husband is very practical”. Then I thought ‘but then sometimes he is too practical. That wouldn’t count as a positive point”. And so I striked it off. One of the points of hubby read “She talks her mind. Doesn’t care about others while speaking (Both positive and negative)”.

The whole exercise was interesting like this. Then we both agreed that we would fill up the rest of the page in the coming days, as and when we remember things. Well, we are improving. I’m sure that pretty soon we will buy 2 new “positive points about my spouse” notebooks.

I should say that it works. Even though our list was only 5 points, it was good to know that our spouse has high regards for some quality of ours. We don’t regularly talk such things with our spouses do we? So why not just write it down?

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