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Dear Hubby,
Here’s my list, as promised!

  1. You are ready to admit when you are wrong, even in the smallest of issues, which I kind of cover it up.
  2. You are a great learner and you do not give up easily.
  3. You make breakfast everyday, giving me enough time for making lunch, without having to wake up earlier than I do now.
  4. When you are not in office or at a business appointment, you are with me.
  5. Even though you are not a gift giver by nature, following my cues, you brought me the best gift last year.
  6. When you are around, the baby isn’t scared of anything.
  7. You make the baby laugh out loud like I could never do.
  8. You do not give opinions on my looks, you accept me whatever way I look.
  9. You make sure that I take my vitamins everyday.
  10. You remind me to drink water!
  11. You read my blog even though blog reading is nothing of your interest.
  12. At times you can survive with the simplest of foods available.
  13. You have no bad habits.
  14. You are very concerned about nutrition.
  15. You always make sure that we have the best quality things around us.
  16. You are ambitious, you want to be your own boss and you know the way to achieve your dreams.
  17. You are a lovely social being. People love to be around you.
  18. You are proud of yourself, for whatver you are.
  19. You are proud of me and our baby for whatever we are.
  20. You love me just the way I am.
  21. You are very forgiving. You know how to love people even if they have done injustice.
  22. Strong that you are, you never showed a face when the nurses had to poke you many times in an effort to draw blood for test. But when the same happened to our son, you lost control, got angry with the nurses for doing that, and you cried.
  23. Still you are emotionally strong. If not for you, I would have rushed the baby to the emergency room a dozen times last year even though he was perfectly normal all this while.
  24. You pamper me like a child whenever I need to be pampered.
  25. You have always been so understanding.
  26. You don’t force me into anything.
  27. You have a clean heart and you don’t hide anything.
  28. We both share a lots of interests, giving us enough chances do lots together.
  29. Finally, I’m just thankful that I have so many (more) things to say about you even though it was supposed to be just 10. And you complete me.


Happy 29th Birthday, baby!!!

With Love,


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