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With all due respect, I removed my old blogs’ posts from this blog because it was only natural for blog posts to stay in their respective homes and not be scattered everywhere. Not that I’m not proud of my old blogs. Even now, I look back at my old posts and it brings a smile. It’s interesting how immature and innocent those posts were. I stopped blogging there when I got pregnant and maintained a personal pregnancy journal which is nothing but short hand notes of what I wanted to remember from the pregnancy. Surely it was not much of a blog.

This blog starts from the moment that actually made me what this blog’s title is about, the birth of my son. The initial posts were the letters I wrote to my son at various milestones and were actually handwritten in my diary. Later I published them into blog posts after I wrote this, an incident which impacted me and I couldn’t help but blog about it. It was that day which unleashed the strong emotions of motherhood in me. It was only after that I realized what motherhood had done to me… Inspired! I strongly believe that motherhood squeezes out of your brain what God had put inside, creativity.

It was one short year ago, that I chose this name for my blog and even to date, it is emotional to me. I had not imagined that I would be writing this 100th post within a year or that I would be participating in NaBloPoMo or that I would be writing the things that I write about now! Some of my posts might have seemed remote to me an year back. The past year changed me more than any other year has done and I’m happy for having this platform to keep those memories alive. I’m sure that this pattern will continue during all the years that are yet to come.

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  1. superb da 🙂 Many more milestones to reach! The decision to start from pappu’s birth is awesome. The best part is your blog is more like a thinker’s blog than just another mommy blog.

    The_Inspired: Thanks da. 🙂

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