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Dear Baby,

An year ago, a baby was born. I still remember it with the same feelings that I had that day. How nervous we all were. How even in front of the operation theatre I wished that suddenly they will announce that the baby has turned, so now we can attempt a normal delivery. At one point, all I could think of was about the delivery. I was so much worried that I was going to have a c-section. That was all until I saw your little face.



You were laid on my bossom, wrapped in a blue blanket, you were crying and I was, too. Never in my life do I remember seeing such big changes happening in a single year. Or that time can run too fast that you don’t even realize it had run. From that moment on, every single day was special. I saw you smile. I saw you cry. I saw you roll over, sit, crawl, laugh out loud, recognise your name, tease me, love me, and many more things. Did you really learn all of these in one single year?



You understand a lot these days. You know when it’s time to sleep, eat and wake up. You smile and wave bye-bye to your dad when he leaves for office. On other times, you never let him leave you anywhere. Not even to the toilet. Period.

You still sleep better when I’m on your side. You still breastfeed in the middle of the night. You aren’t really a picky eater. You love new tastes. You take 4-5 spoons of any food happily and then refuse to eat anymore. Most of the time, I divide your lunch into 3 portions and give it to you in 1 hour intervals so that you will eat 5 spoons of food each time. The only food you want to eat to fill your stomach will be breast milk.

You recently learnt to balance your steps while holding with only one hand. We both walk together quite a lot these days. And you enjoy it, except for when there is something really tempting on your destination, and you want to reach there fast, you push my hand and crawl.


You also recently learned to point. Now you can push my hand away when I bring food to your mouth and point at the water bottle, letting me know that you need water. When asked for some common things like fan, you point to it. It’s all so much fun to sit and watch in my place. You have learnt to say ‘vaa, vaa’, meaning ‘come’  in tamil. While you say this, you gesture your hand so as to call someone near. You also say ‘ka ka’ for clock.


You have a love for books which amazes me. Out of all your toys, books are the ones you prefer most. Even when you are holding some toy in your hand, you make sure there is some open book in front of you and you keep looking at some pictures. I have been using books for my own undisturbed time. Whenever I have to do something important, and you insist on having my attention, I say a sentence or 2 from your favourite book and you laugh and run to grab that book. I promise you that in the next year, I shall spend more time reading with you that I do now.

You love to go to libraries, to drag out the books from the shelves, to climb up and down the baby benches and to read a book and babble really loud that the librarian comes running to us asking us to be more ‘considerate’ about other patrons of the library.

You love playing in the play parks and you enjoy watching the other kids, especially when the older kids gather around you. And you have an unbeatable love for steering wheels, which seems to get your undivided attention all the time. This love extends to real time steering wheels also. When we are in a car, you wanna sit with the driver and play. Good that we don’t own a car.



Recently we went swimming. You had such great fun in your baby boat and out too. You wanted to get down of the boat and into the water directly. You also kept your rubber duckling’s company for the whole time. You enjoy water.



You are a very friendly baby. You love to be around people. When we go out in train or bus, you do all things in your control to grab the neighbour’s attention. When someone looks at you, you smile and start talking and playing. You don’t let their hands go if they dared to shake yours, and most of the time, you are the one to offer your hand.

Edit: As I was typing this, you climbed on my lap and started kissing my cheek. Kissing, as in grabing my hair to bring me toward you and KISSING and not biting. And this is the first time you are doing it. Could I just press the ‘pause’ button right here right now so that I can savour every moment of this?

Happy Birthday, my teeny weeny toddler!

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