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A few weeks back, I bought crocs for my son. On the way back, I met a good friend and we shared our shopping experience, and of course, displayed proudly what we had shopped. When she saw the crocs, she told me that 2 years back there was some incident about crocs being dangerous in escalators. I decided to do a research on it and here’s what I have found.

  • The escalator incident she said was true. Only that the child was wearing an imitation of crocs and it got sucked up in between the steps and the rails. The child lost her toe. It happened in Singapore.
  • There were a few more escalator entrapment incidents in other countries. I did find some cases involving Crocs itself, even though the injuries are minor.
  • Crocs company declared that the shoes are completely safe in escalators but the only concern is whether the escalator is being maintained well or not.
  • Ironically, crocs is banned in some hospitals in some countries for completely different reasons. (not related to escalators)

(I did not post any links. If you need, please type “Crocs escalator safety” in google and you get the exact results)

Here’s what I personally feel:

I still allow my son to wear his Crocs. I believe that if crocs can be sucked up, so does any other shoe of this size and similar materials. Unfortunately, most kids’ shoes are this size and material. So there’s really not much we can do about it. But what we can do is to understand escalator safety. Most of us don’t follow the instructions said about escalators. We have got so much used to it that we don’t think about escalator safety anymore.

My child is in a stage that he wouldn’t want to use a lift. He wants to walk up to the escalator and ride on it himself. Some times, he insist that I do not hold his hand, even though he is not balanced enough to ride escalator alone. But I do let him enjoy it holding to my hand.

As far as entrapment is concerned, I do not allow him to stand at the sides. He is always in the center of the escalator steps. And I don’t let him use the escalator if it’s crowded. We just wait patiently until everyone has gone (if it’s possible) otherwise, I carry him to the lift against his protests.

Feel free to share your views on this topic.

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  1. We live in Crocs. Search for crocs on my blog and I have quite the collection. That is al the kids wear. I love it because they slip it on themselves

    Crocs however *might* be going bankrupt. Sad!

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