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An year back……

Sometimes it’s hard to accept the amount of change that happens in one short year.

Today I had a remarkable amount of stories to tell hubby about my day with son. I have stories to tell him everyday but today’s was a bit of the “surprised to shocked” variety rather than the “surprised to happy” type. A friend of mine was having health challenge so I went over to help her with her 10 month old son. Pappu seemed to be very happy and after some time, he told me that he made potty. I didn’t smell anything but still I tried to check his diaper but he didn’t let me touch his pants. He wanted to go to my friend’s room to change his diaper. I finally gave in and took him in to change his diaper even though I knew it was clean (because I was engaged in an interesting conversation and I didn’t want to be disturbed). As soon as I removed his diaper, he ran to the shelf and pointed to my friend’s son’s diaper pack, insisting that I put it on him. I didn’t want to, but guess who won?

Whenever I tried to carry the said baby to give my friend some rest, Pappu started throwing some of his worst fits ever insisting that I carry him and return the baby to his aunty. He caught me trying to put the baby to bed by singing a lullaby and this time I really did return the baby to his mom to give my son some peace. Pappu laid on my shoulder and started pleasing me that I sing the lullaby to ‘kaka’ (himself). It was then that I had a second thought on what I had decided a minute ago. I thought the innocence he had an year back is totally gone. May be it is not.

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