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Dear Baby Son,

You are officially a toddler now, following the latest development of taking a few steps without help. I should also add “when you wish to”. Otherwise you just think that holding someone’s hand while walking is fun. You really do not need support. You just need that comfort of having someone with you while you walk.


You still follow the pattern of doing something different during your monthly birthdays to remind me that you are another month old, just in case I had forgotten. Yesterday was one of those days. My mother is with us for a few weeks and you both are having fun. She carries you around all the time despite her swollen legs and aching feet. Thank goodness  you do not expect the same from me. Whenever you want to be carried and pampered, you just run to her even though you want me to be around all the time. You think that grandma is someone who shows you new things and does fun things with you which mom wouldn’t.

Yesterday she was playing peek-a-boo with you. She would say bye-bye to you and would hide outside our front door. After sometime, she will surprise you by appearing in front of you. After a long time, when my mom and I were chatting and were not paying attention to you, suddenly you caught my eyes saying bye-bye. We stopped talking and waved back at you while you crawled and hid yourself outside the room, reappearing after a few seconds to ‘surprise’ us. We all laughed and cheered. And you were proud!


There’s no limit to your love for the rubber ‘yellow and red’ duckie. Your granny got you a small book with a picture of duckie in it and you are obsessed with it. You bring the book to me oh-so-often and ask me to read it to you. By read, I mean you want me to point to the duckie and say ‘it’s a duckie’. If I try to show you something else, you get upset and drag my index finger from the other picture and make-me-show you the duckie. Aargh.

You still say very less words that I can understand. But you communicate a lot in your own language. I have to break my head a lot and fortunately I end up understanding your message. Almost always. You understand almost everything I say but still you are determined not to follow some of my simplest instructions sometimes.

The  much awaited teeth have come out. Now you have 4 of them and it makes you look big boyish when you laugh. And you are fond of other babies. You learnt to play with older kids. You also learnt to use the younger babies to play. You get too curious with them that you want to slap their face and drag their fingers!

There are only a few things that I use to my refuge whenever everything goes out of control. Some of your books and toys come in handy but the most effective approach would be your own first birthday video. Even if I switch it on during your most frustrated moments, you calm down and watch it for 10 minutes. TEN MINUTES of you sitting quietly and listening to something. Aaaah the wonder!

You are a go-getter. Atleast that’s the way I mention your tantrums. When you want something and if we dare to do something else, you throw yourself on the floor and cry in a typically todder-ish way. And when what you want is done, you change your face within a microsecond and coo like a baby! May be you are in some stage in between babyhood and toddlerhood.

Yesterday you were going through some old photos with grandma and she pointed out one of your dad’s picture. You started blabbering and suddenly looked upset. You were trying to tell me something. You kept repeating and when you found I was not doing what you want, you went to the front door waiting for somebody. After sometime, you started crying, so hard. It was not normal because you do not cry often. It took some time for me to understand that you were missing your dad, badly. I reached for the phone and dialled your dad’s number as you kept crying and as soon as you heard his voice, you calmed down.


Your dad was proud and I still don’t believe how much emotions your little brain can hold. It breaks my heart to think how bad you must have felt sentimentally during those few moments. Oh you are so delicate, honey, don’t let worldly worries get into your mind too fast…. Please slow down!

With Love,


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  1. Thats a wonderful update. Until a couple of weeks back, Ash too walked only by holding our hand and it was more for comfort like you said. So your lil one will be walking on his own very soon 🙂

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