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People say things like Touchwood or Knock on wood. I had a hard time understanding it’s meaning. During my days of extreme disbelief and skepticism, I would argue “what’s in a word?”. Definitely I didn’t know the power of spoken words then. I said that the whole concept was wrong. How can a word affect anyone? But now I know the better.

Digging it a bit, well, words do have certain power and when one says ‘I haven’t been through tough situations like that’, tough times become the dominant thought in their mind and that’s not good. But what good is touching or knocking the wood? Is it meant that spoken words can be undone by this action? Words, once spoken cannot be undone. It can only be diluted.

Recently I read a wonderful example in a book. Let’s say you put a drop of blue ink in a glass of clear water. The water becomes blue. This action cannot be undone, just the way spoken words or thoughts cannot be removed. But if you drop this glass of blue water in a swimming pool, it gets mixed up with the large amount of water in the swimming pool. It is diluted to an extent that you cannot see the blue water anymore.

That’s exactly what I had been trying to do. Whenever possible, I avoid saying sentences in a negative way like the one said above. I try to put it in a positive way, “I have always been blessed with safe and manageable situations”.

If in some case, it came out, I dilute it by speaking positive things again and again. You really don’t have to speak it aloud. But positive self talk alone workds wonderfully.


But in some cultures, including my own, it is believed that when you have something too good, it is not good to say it aloud or show it off. I have no idea from where the belief originated. May be it’s not right to brag or boast about self, but how can others harm someone by being jealous of them?

I do believe in negative feelings and all, but one can never harm anyone by hating them. Hatred is a strong emotional feeling which is very easily attracted, which might harm only someone who possess strong hatred for others.

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