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(Edited on July 16th for video updates)

Dear son,
Time flies. Yes dear, time is gone before even I realise it. At every stage of yours, I’ve been saying the same thing but now I really can’t tell if life were any faster than it is now. You are so full of activities and energy that I find it extremely challenging to monitor it all. When you were born, I started writing letters to you in an attempt to keep a journal of your development. Somewhere in between, you were growing too fast for me to write. There’s so many to say, where will I start?

On your birthday this month, you started to walk. I mean, we all knew that you already knew to walk but just hadn’t made that decision. Even then, your walking came as a surprise because you started your first independent steps just like a pro, not 2-3 steps at a time, like babies are supposed to do. You continued to do it because we cheered when you walked all the way to touch the wall on the other side. It was your granny’s training that when we said ‘walk and touch the wall’ , you were able to follow it perfectly.

We don’t see you much on all fours these days. Here’s are some of the last pictures taken after you’ve started walking.



That was very exciting. But what’s not so exciting is, you refuse to sit in your pram when we are outside and much worse, refuse to even be carried. You want to walk, just explore the world all by yourself. I’d love that too. Except when there comes a factor called ‘time’ which I need to keep. You want to spend 5 minutes each at every atm, every fountain, every staircase, every lift lobby, every shop, and… Oh wait who designed all these stuff all over the city?

I strongly believe in newton’s third law these days (yes honey, your mom did learn her science. Don’t ever believe if your grand parents commented about what an average student your mom was). For every exciting action you do, there’s always a good and bad side. You can entertain yourself for longer periods of time. Good news is, I can use the restrooms and take a shower without having to hurry or without having to hear a screaming toddler. Not so good news is, I often have to run around the house looking for you only to find you like “this“.

Now that you can walk, you can hold more than 1 thing in your hand as you move from room to room. You have also found out that throwing things out of the front door is exciting. And whatever is the link between these 2 sentences, I leave it to your conclusion.

If something goes missing from the house, I know exactly where to look for. It’s either the basket of your trike, your stroller or out of the front door. It’s that easy!

Yesterday I took you to playground after a long time and you amazed me by climbing the three very high step stools and up into the play tunnel and I found it very hard to keep up with your speed. You also climbed the play ladder meant for bigger kids with very little support from me. The only place in the play park that I didn’t allow you to venture yourself is the big slide, from which I had to struggle hard to keep you away!

The other day, when we were in front of the computer, you found a loose USB cable and tried to plugin to the computer, exactly where it is supposed to be. You understand almost everything that I tell you, sometimes even beyong what I actually tell. One day, I handed you your dirty shirt and told you to leave it in the kitchen. You took the shirt, walked to the kitchen, found the laundry basket and left it there.

You are very outgoing and you make friends easily. You classify people according to age and treat them differently. You smile, shake hands with adults and you say bye-bye when we leave. On the other hand you want to hug and interact with kids of your age. I should say that you are slowly learning to play with others. Only thing bothering me is, when it comes to women, you prefer the ones with fair skin, especially the chinese women and you refuse to take your eyes off them. Not so early, honey! I thought I had enough time before dealing with this kind of issues!



Things you like:

Bicycles (I recently found out that trikes are not considered as bicycles by toddlers who have barely learnt to walk)

Watching photos

Any electronic things

Water and sand

Bicycles (Have I mentioned this already? Never mind, it IS worth listing once more, because you like it that much.)

Meddling with cabinets which are filled with books, cds and kitchen vessels

Colour pencils and note books

Bicycles (yes, you read it right, bicycles, because you are just crazy about bicycles)

‘Foot’ ball

CD of nursery rhymes (You follow many of the rhymes and songs and respond to it. On listening to “hickory dickory dock”, you say Ka Ka Ka and you point to the clock. When the song “clap your hands” start, you start clapping. And you do actions for some of the songs.)

I dentifying and pointing to various pictures from your picture book. Also, pointing to them with others’ fingers.

Words you speak:

Ka (Clock)


Theeeei (Lift)

Thaaaain (Train)

Thei (Light)

Va va (Vaa, which means come in tamil)

Ba ba (Cat, as an attempt to say meow meow)

Ba ba (Dog, this time it’s bow wow)

Ba ba (Bye Bye)

Ba ba (Papa, sometimes)

Ma ma (Anything else you want to say, which doesn’t necessarily mean ‘mom’)


I still breastfeed you and I still enjoy it. You always go to sleep while nursing. One of these days, you fell asleep in my hands without nursing. It came as a surprise but still I was happy that you are growing up. You still don’t drink any other sources of milk so I’m trying harder to get you into a proper diet before you stop nursing, or before I stop nursing you when you are 1 and a half years old, as planned.

A few weeks back, I was busy packing things in your stroller for our daily outing. I didn’t realise that you were behind me and I accidentally bumped my elbow on your head. I was shocked to find you there and even though I was sure that I didn’t hurt you, I saw that you were upset. I said “Oh baby, I’m sorry if I hurt you”. And that was all. You pursed your lips in anger and looked down. I picked you up and tried to change your mood. But you were strong and refused to even look at me. I tried to kiss you and you turned your head away. You granny came from the other room and she asked you what had happened. By now, your lips were still pursed and you laid on my shoulder without responding to either of us. After a long persuasion from both of us, with a still sad face, you pointed to your head where I had bumped. I was torn apart, my dear.



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  1. Thats a lovely update. LOL @ ‘throws everything out the front door’ 🙂 And congrats on achieving the final physical milestone of walking!

    Thank you Priyanka 🙂

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