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A few weeks back, I bought 5 books with the title Baby’s Big Book.

When I got back home, I put it away and totally forgot about it. The books later came out one at a time and soon got Pappu’s full attention. I noticed that he loved the series of books, even his father and I did. It’s bright, colorful illustrations are large and simple enough for a child of Pappu’s age can understand easily. Pappu was reading them everyday and insisted we repeat every word again and again. Soon, he learnt almost all the words from the pages.

Another reason I love this book is it’s not a chunky board book. Of course, until Pappu was an year old I was always looking for board books for my son but when Pappu got his first couple of teeth, I decided that he was not in the ‘baby book’ stage anymore. This book is flexible non-board books,  but is robust enough to handle a toddler’s use. I didn’t find the rest of the books anywhere and actually did go through a lots of pains to get hold of them. Now, it is in Pappu’s daily study schedule. He seats himself in his little baby chir in front of the table and calls for me to sit and read with him. He finishes all the 11 books in one sitting and after that he starts with his other books, including his all time favourite, ‘my first book of the world’. This is something all of us look forward to, everyday!

5 thoughts on “[14] The all important baby’s big book

  1. It feels so good to see our lil ones loving books so much. Ash too is into non-board books now, maybe I’ll do a post soon on it. Also, will check out the books you’ve mentioned.
    p.s. am not able to view the video 🙁

    1. Yes, Priyanka. It’s always good to see them doing things that we know are going to help them all their life. We still have a lots of board books but I prefer not to buy anymore. Pappu seems to prefer the flexibility of non-board books too.

  2. It is good to know how they love books…. yeah… And the video, is superb… I love the way he shows helicopter and heart…..

    1. Glad that you enjoyed it, Athena. I think any passion is easy to grow when started from an early stage. That’s why most of my friends have babies who enjoy books more than other toys.

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