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I had a tummy bug last week when hubby was working late. Incidently I hadn’t taken Pappu out for the whole day, so he had started behaving differently when my bug was at it’s peak. Well, it’s not fun when you are sitting in the toilet bowl and trying to catch your vomit in a plastic bag when your 1.5 year old son stands next to you and tries to imitate your vomiting inside the same bag. So I just let him loose and allowed him to have a liberal day. As I was sitting and watching him do things, I realized how different he was, when he is not under my authority.

Some time in between, he digged his favourite shirt from the dirty laundry basket and insisted that he wear it. Guess what I did? I let him wear it.

And then he wanted to wear the pants that are rather loose for him and keeps coming below his diaper. I let him do that too.

This was followed by several activities that were performed while I just watched. Then he hanged my camcorder bag around his neck and wanted to go out. By this time I was already fed up and wanted fresh air too. So I took him out for a walk. As soon as we were near the next block, he returned the bag to me and didn’t want to carry it any more.

I called my friend to the play ground so that I can sit in the play ground bench for a while. She was running behind Pappu and advising him what to do when he was playing football with other kids’ balls without their consent and climbing on their big cycles. I wanted peace so I just pretended that I didn’t see anything.

Not that these are big things but everytime he did these things before, the outcome was different. I never told him ‘no’ but I made up my own custom ways of telling him what he should rather do. And he would listen to whatever I say and follow my advice.

That day was different for both of us…

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