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Dear Pappu,
Yesterday when you saw a friend’s little baby sleeping in his pram, you looked up at me, put your finger to your mouth and said ‘shhhh’. Even though it was not quite a hush, it conveyed the meaning.
You are such a fast learner and you behave so big boy-like in front of younger babies. You are very gentle to them when you pamper them and you shake your head up and down just the way adults do. I can’t help but imagine how you would react when your sibling baby would arrive even though we won’t have another child unless you are a bit grown up.
With older kids though, you are a different personality. You grab toys from other kids’ hands and try to push them away and refuse to share yours. I just keep telling you to share things and promptly return other’s toys but really I don’t bother much about this behavior because I know that it’s just a passing cloud.
You are learning new words everyday. The other day when you heard people clap in another room, you said ‘clap’ while cheering and clapping in your usual style. You repeat most actions that we do. Just today you tried to snap your fingers after me. I should say that you did pretty well.
You call me ‘amma’ sometimes by yourself and mostly on demand. You prefer referring to your dad as amma too may be because it’s easier. I see that you enjoy my company more than before. Who else will be ready to do all the funny things that I do to keep you entertained?
As far as playing favourites is concerned, your favourite people are the ones who can provide most fun at any given point of time. You get along with everyone very well and you make friends easily. Last week I tried to leave you with a babysitter. You enjoyed her company and was playing with her very well when I was with you but once you found that I was trying to leave you alone with her, you decided that you shouldn’t like her.
You seem to have developed a passion for music. You sit quietly and listen to a pianist for as long as 10 minutes which I consider is quite long for your age. You sing along with me and most of the time, you are able to repeat the exact tune of my singing.
You have learnt to express and you have different expressions for just about anything, like kicking the ball, getting your legs massaged or seeing another baby, all in an adult-like manner. Even though you do not talk much, you communicate so well by expressions, symbols and single syllables.
We are in the process of weaning you and the day I made this decision, I don’t know how you found it out, as if to defend your stand, you started being more demanding of nursing. I would wish to say that we both are doing fine with it, except that we are actually having a tough time trying to get used to this.
As I type this, we are on the bed and you are supposedly asleep on me but everytime you hear a car outside on the road, you open your eyes, smile at me and say ‘car’ and fall asleep again. I’m so thankful for this moment, with you on my chest and for being able to witness all this cuteness, so close to my eyes. I’m also thankful that I’m holding my phone right now and that my phone responds to wireless even though my computer doesn’t, so that I can record all these moments before forgetting them…

3 thoughts on “16 months

  1. “Yesterday when you saw a friend’s little baby sleeping in his pram, you looked up at me, put your finger to your mouth and said ’shhhh’. Even though it was not quite a hush, it conveyed the meaning.”

    Oh boy, he is growing up. Definitely growing up fassst

    the_inspired: Yeah. He has learnt to pamper younger babies just the way we do.

  2. Such a sweet update. Loved reading all the cute lil things that Pappu is upto and how expressive he is. Happy 16 months Pappu!

    The_inspired: Now I’m waiting for Ash’s 16 months update.

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