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… plus 10 days…

Dear baby,

We are in this time of your life where we start to say your age in years rather than months. One and a half years. Oh dear, when did time run so fast? I look at other babies who are learning to walk and think that my child is almost that age. I turn towards you and see a big boy twice as tall as those babies.

Oct09 362

You like to socialise with other babies and adults. You love babies but you are also learning to get possessive about your toys you have become very possessive and over protective all your things. The best thing about you is you are so understanding for your age. Whatever situation we might be in, calmly telling you what decision you need to take helps. You listen and even if it’s hard, you accept it.

You talk almost everything. I don’t even try to count the words you speak. There are so many, even though, most of the time, only your father and I understand you. I’m so thankful that there are no negative words in your vocabulary and all of your actions are totally positive.

Oct09 149

You know everyone in our immediate family and friends who you have met or talked with often. You mention our friends by name and delight and say their names when we approach their homes. You even mention their child’s name if we ask which baby is in this person’s home.

Oct09 165

I am amazed by how you relate things. I almost always comes as a surprise when you relate things that I never would have thought of. I now perfectly understand what other mothers mean when they say “who would have thought of that except for my child”. Why, even I say that now.

Oct09 177

During the past week, you had been saying your little cousin’s name whenever you saw your animal book and asking me where she was. I couldn’t understand why you would relate her to your book, we didn’t even use that book when your cousin (my sister’s family) visited us last week. It took some time for me to find out that whenever you saw a picture of an elephant you said her name. It was not until today morning, when your dad and I found out that your little cousin had an elephant soft toy in almost the same color as that in your animal book. Well, who would have thought of that???

Oct09 312

Last month I discovered a playground in our neighborhood that’s just right for your height. That gave me the confidence to allow you to climb things in the play area without me breathing over your shoulders. It also means that I can sit and relax or probably read a book while you play, giving you a sweat without tiring myself out.

It even gave me the confidence to leave you alone in big play grounds and you have even learnt to climb tall ladders meant for big kids. I don’t even put my arms on you while you climb. I just watch. You wouldn’t understand why this is a big thing. Only my mother will understand how painful it would have been to me to let you climb scary places and keep my calm. I tell you, it takes a lot of effort from me to let you do that.

Oct09 384

Last month you also ventured into the zoo for the first time. My observations are, you love all animals, you are scared of big birds and your favorite was the zebra. You tried to imitate all the actions the animals did and you can relate your body parts with that of other animals, birds and even toys, whatever shape and size they might be. It’s almost a month now, but you still show in action how zebra moved it’s tail.

Oct09 186

Until a week back, you were eating so well and my strategies worked perfectly well (giving you a sweat and bathing you before lunch so you get very hungry and tired that all you want to do is to eat and sleep). This past week, you have started insisting that you feed yourself. In fact, you want to do everything by yourself without help. This new change has reduced the amount of food intake during meals. My only sigh of relief is that you are learning a new skill and you will be feeding yourself so well in a few days. But you still love fruits and nuts and thye make their way to your tummy in an effective and effortless way.

Nov09 025

You still breastfeed during night. I have stopped making it a big issue. What’s so troublesome for me if you want to keep suckling while we sleep?

You are a darling. You can behave like an angel this minute and become a tyrant the next. And then you become an angel again. It puts pressure on me in public and while with other babies,especially because sharing has become an issue, but all I know is this too shall pass. I am patient and calm. Take your time, baby.

Love, Mom.

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  1. Thats a lovely update. Thats so nice that you have discovered a playground thats right for him. Have you been to the Indoor playground at Turf City? Its amazing, everything made out of hard foam and its perfect for toddlers, Ash loves it!
    He looks so adorable in all his pics and sounds like he is a real climber. Happy 18 months Chotu!

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