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Couple of years back, I used to say I didn’t have time for anything. When somebody asked me how I passed time, I would ask them who stole my time? Where was my 24 hours? I was still searching it. But little did I realize that I was too busy complaining that I was busy. I could have used that time being too busy building up the future. I could have used that time living that moment.

I’m glad that I realise it now.

I learnt to say ‘Yes, I have time for this’. It took some time to understand where my 24 hours was going. No, I didn’t waste hours on anything. But I was wasting minutes and seconds, here and there. Like, 5 mintues waiting for a favourite show to begin, 2 minutes waiting for the computer to start up and 10 minutes waiting for friend to arrive. Couple of minutes here and there all day would add up to a solid 2-3 hours a day. Now, who said I didn’t have time to go grocery shopping? Why didn’t I have time to attend a 1 hour seminar?

It’s not even a matter of time we all talk about. It’s actually a matter of priority. Sometimes my conscious self reminds me about the dirty plates in the kitchen sink that needs to be washed; or about Pappu’s books lying all around the house. But thank you very much, a house that looks neat and shiny is not in my top priority list. I’d rather have just a clean and hygienic house and use the remaining time to play with my son, read books and write blogs. I DO have the time to arrange the toys ten times a day, but I have better things to do. Some days I give up reading books and writing blogs because books and blog can wait for another day but the baby don’t have to wait for another hour to go out and play. You see, it’s priorities. And it’s different from one person to other.

It also changes from time to time. ¬†Tomorrow, it could all be different. My son might be too big to play with me and I might be done with writing and then arranging my wardrobe for the umpteenth time might be high in priority for me. But today’s priority list determines what I have time for.

I’m still learning to effectively prioritize things; to update my to-do list or even to use my to-do list. But atleast I do not blame it all on time.

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  1. I really liked the post..even i realized this sometime ago..when i read it on a poster which said “take care of the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves”

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