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Today I received this email in my inbox. It was from a sender I do not know with the subject ‘meeting request’. I was just about to delete when the words “inconvenience” and “meeting” caught my attention. I continued to read.

It started like this.


Greetings from ABC, erstwhile PQR.

First of all, I know neither ABC nor PQR but I didn’t give it much thought because the second line was more interesting.

Regret the inconvenience caused to you by this unsolicited mail and would like to apologize for the same.

Oh so Mr. X who sent this mail confirms that his mail is “unsolicited” and goes on to the extent of apologizing for sending the same. And then he expects me to read on!

Seriously, I thought this was darn funny, and I continued reading because I really wanted to find out what Mr. X was up to. The mail went on like this.

We presently offer the following solutions which are exclusive in our service offering.

Yeah so they are offering exclusive “solutions” to problems I don’t have.

We also offer the following on a financial planning basis in case you feel there is a need to explore these options as well.

And then the “following” talks about everything on the face of the earth that I might possibly ‘need to explore’. More interestingly, the mail ended like this.

It would be great to meet you at a time convenient to you and explore how we may be able to add value to your portfolio.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Warm regards,

Mr. X


My reply should be this:

That’s a great positive business-like ending, Mr. X. Adding value to my portfolio and your confidence in looking forward to meet me are great. But do you really think I would have come this far in your mail after reading the second line unless I wanted to write an interesting blog post?

People are busy and they want to make best use of their time. Amidst all the work and personal mails and hundreds of forwarded mails (forwarded mails may not be important but we do prioritize them as ‘urgent’ and even mid day at work, we read them and keep forwarding, don’t we?), do you think we will have the time to read and respond to a ‘meeting request’ that is unsolicited and apologetic?

Come on Mr. X. I’m sure you don’t receive a favorable reply often and unsolicited mails easily hit the ‘junk mail’ folder unless the reader is either jobless or is intending to make a funny blog post about it.

Leave your apologetic mask behind and meet people with confidence. Or try picking up the phone and say hello with a smile.

I tell you, I bought most of my credit cards and insurances from sales people who were nice (and who came with a good free gift) even when I didn’t need them.

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