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We had our year end party last week and I gathered our business team for a dance performance. This is the first stage performance for most of them and others had danced on stage once 15 years ago. We started rehearsing a week before the party and I was their coach. Frankly, I had expected some frustration but the group surprised me with their work ethics , punctuality and teachability. We mainly had fun, more often rolling on the floor laughing especially because this was among a close group of friends. We kept the kids with us while we practiced and the kids coordinated very well too.

I didn’t know how Pappu had taken the whole event. We didn’t explain anything to him except creating his curiosity by mentioning that mom and dad are going to dance on stage with his other uncles and aunts. It wasn’t until the next day after the party that I found out how much it had impacted him. I was humming our dance sequence and Pappu insisted that I play the song on the computer. The boy had actually caught some of our dance steps and was clapping and turning around exactly when we had done in our sequence. I had no idea that he had learnt the dance himself even though he looked very quiet and disinterested when we were rehearsing.

And the highlight was when the sequence was over, he raised his arms just the way we had done. These clips were originally shot for my mom and it makes me laugh everytime I see it.

Extended thought: He actually dances like this for 5 minutes continuously, many times a day along with his other activities. No wonder he doesn’t gain weight.

4 thoughts on “[2] Dance baby, dance!

  1. OMG! I can’t believethis is the tiny pappu in my memory!!!!!!!! He looked like a boy in the pics yeah! but his hand and feet co-ordination is much better than mine now 😉

    1. He he LOL. I suppose you are a much better dancer now, Saji.

      And yeah, I don’t believe he’s so grown up either!

  2. Good dance. Lovely to watch him dance like a big boy, but very very cute…. And raising his arms at the end….CLASSIC!!! 🙂

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