August 20, 2009 Sugirdha 0Comment

They both form a team. When they are together, neither of them care if I’m there or not. Except (Of course, there’s always exceptions) when the son is hungry or has a soiled diaper.


That’s when he marched his father up and down the staircase.

We have started colour coordinating them both. They wear their denims together, except when hubby is at office, Pappu still wears his jeans. Pappu wears his cotton pants and khakis during our business conferences (even though he waits outside the room, he wants to present himself professional too). While they both are in denims, their t-shirts are of same color. This little red t-shirt was bought in the same color of hubby’s old red shirt, which is in the store room right now, of which hubby knows nothing. I told him that I burned that shirt, should he dare to wear it once again!

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