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I’ve been re-reading the bhagavat gita, gospel of God according to hinduism. Surprisingly, I find truth in it this time.

Everytime I read the Gita before, I got frustrated about the impracticality of it, swore not to read it again and brought my faith another level lower. I’ve been trying different translations and interpretations but this time I found a really positive and practical translation of the scripture, or possibly I have changed positively enough to interpret the underlying truth of the verses.

It amazes me to think how ignorant I had been; how I didn’t see what has been here all this while and how all of a sudden, everything falls in place now. It all makes sense now. I understand the underlying meaning of it. Is it because of the particular book I chose now? Or because of the way I have changed? Or because of the things I have been doing lately and the people I associate with? I know not how. But I’m just happy that I have a foundation to base my whole life upon, and that of my family’s.

I’m not writing more about it before having finished reading it, which I don’t aim to do in 3 days, like I read other books. I shall take a good amount of time to read, re-read and digest the truth.


Unrelated note about the unrelated title of this post:

This morning I opened my blog to see how things were. I saw the previous post and thought it was today’s post, and that today was 20th august. Yeah, I don’t have a calendar. All of a sudden at 12 o clock midnight, I see the the date changed from 21 to 22 and I realise that I was just about to miss my NaBloPoMo posting. I write this up all in a hurry. It’s past 1 ‘o clock and officially the next day, but my day hasn’t ended yet. I just returned from a biz meeting and after that was an emergency shopping. I’m having my dinner as I type this. No, my day is still not over.

And thus I complete day 21 of August NaBloPoMo posting.

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