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And so, I’m posting a weight loss update. “But why?”, you ask. I say, because all the other cool girls I know are doing it. I thought I can be cool too.

During my college days, I was 47 kg. Well, 47 was the lowest I can remember. If I’m not wrong, I was fluctuating between 47 and 52 but since 47 sounds cool, I always told people that I was 47 kgs. My jeans was size 27 and I had the flattest tummy in the class! (SIGH! The good old days!)

3 years later, when I got married, I was still maintaining 52/53 and 6 months later, before I got pregnant, I was at 55. During pregnancy, my maximum weight was 69 and right after delivery I was 63. (A result of removing a 3 kg son and quite a lot of gluey stuff out of there)

1 year later around my son’s birthday, I was 59. Now a days I fluctuate between 57 and 59. But exactly why a fluctuation? I know not why. Probably the question has to be asked to the friend who gifted me 2 kgs ice cream which I (did I mention that hubby doesn’t eat ice cream?) finished in 2 weeks.

My current jeans size is 32 which is wee little loose near my tummy. The funniest part is, a couple of weeks back, I put on my jeans and found that it was way too loose. I had to pinch myself to confirm that it was happening and then I called hubby to share the great news. He took a glance and laughed at me. I was actually wearing his ‘size 34’ jeans!!!!

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