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You are going to be 4 months in a week and a half. But I haven’t even written a 3 months update for you. I was just too busy looking after you that I didn’t find any time to write.
You fell sick on the first week of this month and was admitted in the hospital for a week. You were strong and cheerful as always except for the first day when you had high fever and when they put a needle in your leg nerve, for IV injections.
It started in the middle of the night when your fever suddenly raised to 38.6 before we rushed to the hospital. You were tired and slept and cried for most of the time. When your fever finally got down, you opened your eyes, looked at me, smiled and talked like you always did. But there was pain in your voice, your face red from fever. I could feel it, your pain and the way your talked and smiled through the pain. Your father and I shall never forget that moment.
You soon recovered dear, I tell you, except for the medicines I am to give you for 2 months. Which I would say, puts me in as much stress as finding that you are sick at all. I called my mother and cried whenever I gave you a dose of medicine. You were having so much trouble taking the medicine in, and whatever precautions I take, you often end up vomiting. For some reason, I felt guilty.
You still cry every single time. But when I finally became strong enough about giving this medicine, I told your dad jokingly that you would choose dad over mom (if given a choice) because mom was the one who

  • forces open your mouth wide and pushes strange things like syringe and medicine droppers inside
  • pours bitter stuff in your throat
  • accidently puts some of that stuff in your tongue too, every-single-time
  • puts you in bathtub everyday
  • massages your head
  • forces you to nurse every 2 hours
  • picks your nose
  • forces you to sleep

Where as dad is the one who plays with you whenever he is around, rocks you every night and doesn’t do any of the things mentioned above.

Now that you are a 3 month old, you have started enjoying your bath time, starting from day 1 of month 4. You also do not fuss when I massage your head. You look cheerful and happy when I lower you in your bath.

You splash water out of the tub with your legs and laugh as you do this. You also enjoy when I turn you face down to clean your back. You straighten your legs to a standing position and look at things there. Recently, I’ve been having trouble holding you still in the bath, now that you have become stronger. This applies to nappy changes too.

You cry less and play more now a days. You love to be talked to. And you demand entertainment all the time, when you are not asleep, which means, I get no time for other chores, because you hardly get any sleep during the day. You scream the moment I leave the room. You become quiet and watch me when I do show up and if I don’t show any signs of planning to pick you up, you start whining again.

You have set patterns for everything. You work in a schedule. We both are a great team, and I feel as if you were here forever. It’s hard to believe it’s just 3 months.

We took you to a movie last weekend. We had planned to take turns in holding you outside the theatre because you would be crying. We were to watch ‘The Mummy’ because we didn’t get tickets to relatively silent movie. But you surprised us by sleeping peacefully amidst all the sound except in the beginning before you got used to it. You nursed twice and slept otherwise. We couldn’t help but think how startled you were at the sound of the mixer only the previous day. You cried and cried for so long a time, scared at that sound. And there you were sleeping through the DTS sound of mummies and wars and so on….

You haven’t rolled over yet. Though sometimes when you turn to your left side, you try to lift your head and turn. You couldn’t lift your head easily, probably because of it’s big size. You do have a great tummy time, though, for a few minutes everyday. You lift your chest up, supported by your arms. It’s a happy sight to see especially when you turn your head here and there to keep track of the ball I roll from side to side.

You do not pull your hair anymore, I guess you learnt it the hard way. You have gotten into a habit of holding your hair with one hand while using the other hand for other exploration. You hold it, but release it skillfully, when you are taking your hands off the hair.

Your cute long hair has started to grow more than what could just be cute, I mean it’s trouble. It’s constantly in your eyes even though you seem the least bothered about it. I have started using hair clips while we are indoors. You pull the clip and sometimes it is painful, so I do not use it often. You look so cute with those hair clips, and look more like a girl. I even have photos of you wearing pink shirt and accesories for our personal viewing.

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