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I believe in believing. Why yes, it all dates back to the days in my past, with disbelief in the almighty, even though I was an optimist in actions. I believed in myself and everything was possible. Except that I didn’t realize that I was missing something important. That part which I didn’t know, I either was ignorant about it or I subconsciously chose not to dig into it, lest I have to face a truth I’m not prepared for.

Anyway, things turned out well and before it was too late, I understood this important thing in life. The thing that changed me, my life and family and undoubtedly will continue to do so, in a positive way. I’m sure I wrote something related here and here, but these are topics that keep showing more new meanings in life, the more we look. There’s always a lot to explore and the things that we are going to learn shall never end.

What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. -Napolean Hill

Belief. All things tangible are so because of belief. All things superstitious are so because of belief.

A couple of days back hubby was wondering why he was fine when he ate ice creams as a child, but now when he takes ice cream, he gets a sore throat! I said, ‘yeah, when you were a child, your mind was not poisoned with the thought that ice creams cause sore throats, but now that you do, you believe in it and end up getting one’.

The demonstration of Power of belief starts early in life. Everyday when I get ready, son stands next to me and insists that I do makeup on his face. I act as if I’m applying makeup on him but he doesn’t know that I actually closed the accessories safely before putting it on his face. This happens everyday and then he would stand in front of the mirror and admire the work I had ‘done’ on his face. Sometimes I play along saying how the eyeliner made his eyes more beautiful. He feels proud and sometimes when he is not in mood, he even tries to remove the makeup with his shirt, you know, the makeup that really isn’t there.

Belief is a basic of everything. If not for this factor, what would the world look like today?

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