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I watched the movie “The Bucket List” after it being recommended by one of our motivational speakers. The speaker kept emphasizing the importance of having a list of little things that we wish to do before ‘kicking the bucket’ because most of our current life’s dream lists consist of big things like a bungalow by the sea or a lamborghini. It made perfect sense to me. What motivation would a lamborghini provide when the less expensive but valuable dreams are not fulfilled? I decided to take on this and make my own bucket list, things that are not too expensive to afford now, but I haven’t done for some reason or without any reason at all. Basically these are things that I want to do, but are not in my current dreams list.

  1. Get some professional photos taken.
  2. Feel the snow.
  3. Refresh my personal library and read my favorite novels again.
    1. Gone with the wind
    2. Doctors
    3. Love story
    4. Ponniyin Selvan (Tamil)
  4. Have my hair permed.
  5. Take son to the zoo or beach all by myself atleast once every month.
  6. Visit Lake Palace, Thekkady and stay at the same suite we stayed on our honeymoon.
  7. Sail in the sea.
  8. Be awake all night doing whatever.
  9. Collect favorite movie DVDs in HD.
  10. Watch Ellen Show whenever I wish. And watch it live atleast once.
  11. Buy Calvin and Hobbes full collection.
  12. Maintain an Oil Pastels daily sketch book.
  13. Inspire people and be a blessing in someone’s life.
  14. Make my own personalized flash cards for son.
  15. Sing on stage atleast once.
  16. Perform with a professional dance group.
  17. Go on a tour of Indian classical dances and learn a few steps in each.
  18. Learn ballroom dancing with hubby.
  19. Make a really good mouth watering curry.
  20. Interview a famous person I really appreciate and admire.
  21. Get son to spend quality time with my parents.
  22. Spend a night at the beach with closest of family/friends.
  23. Teach son to read tamil.
  24. Camp in a jungle and not be afraid.
  25. Read a book in a lonely beach.
  26. Consciously allow myself to be addicted to something and pamper and nurture the addiction.

I’m sure the list is not complete yet, but I have some raw material to work with in life.

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