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Dear Baby,
You are 4 months old today. Every morning, you wake up at 9 and start playing right away. You do not even care who is here and who is not. It’s just you and your favourite things to look at, the things that you are looking at ever since your birth. I happily run around doing my chores, making the most of your play time until you start whining, and that’s it. You do not give me a similar time all day. Any undone chores of mine would have to wait till tomorrow.

Even this short play time of yours fills the house and my heart with sunshine, warmth and joy. Your happy sound makes my day. But we do not dare disturb you during this time. We even resist entering the room while you play, so you will play longer, allowing us to finish more work. When you start whining, I stop whatever I am doing and run to you. On hearing my voice, you stop, turn to me and laugh. It is a moment I look forward to every morning. Then I sing to you and pick you up and kiss you again and again to which you laugh more and more. You love rough housing. So the harder I kiss, the more you laugh.
You still climb over me when I allow to you ‘stand up’ on my lap. Step-by-step, you stand on my shoulders and then on my head or sometimes on the sofa I am sitting on. Then I bring you down quickly while making a swift noise as if you are sliding down. You love this roller-coaster ride a lot.
You are becoming more and more playful everyday and you have fun in everything.


Sometimes when I’m looking at you without smiling or talking, you look at me and then turn away and continue do this. You curiously watch me as I go around doing my things. When I brush my teeth, comb my hair, write, type, eat or drink. You watch every spoonful of food that travels from the plate to my mouth.
You haven’t learnt to grasp things. Sometimes you look at your ball or my computer’s camera with blue lights and your hands become restless, as if you want to take hold of it, immediately. When things gets very interesting, you bend your body and push yourself towards it. It puts so much pressure on my hand that is holding you and I follow you until you are very near it.
You use your pacifier to sleep and push it out of your mouth once asleep. Sometimes when you are sleepy but too tired to sleep, I rock you, walk around and push the silencer (otherwise called pacifier) into your mouth. You get hold of the pacifier and pull it and then cry. I have a tough time plugging it again and again into your mouth.
When you spit up sometimes, you make an ‘awwgh’ sound to announce you are not happy with what’s in your mouth. And you gag again and again until the taste goes off your tongue.
You still demand to be carried around all the time and your playtimes and tummy times are really less. You prefer to sit in my lap even if I am not watching you and am typing at the computer. Well, I too love this my little monkey, even though I am sometimes worried about the way you do not want to play alone on the floor. Otherwise I just hold you and kiss you and smell you and cherish these moments while it is happening.

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