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Dear Baby,

You will be 5 months old tomorrow. There is a lot going on around us. And there are still more, we are expecting any time soon.

You have mastered rolling over. You hardly lay on your back now-a-days. But you still do not know that you can roll back by yourselves when you do not want to be on tummy anymore. You also try to go near and grab anything that catches your attention. Somehow, you end up moving away from it all the time. You can move backwards and sideways, but not forward.

You have learnt how to grab things that are near your hands. At times I feel like eating those little fingers, those fingers that snatch anything within arms reach and bring it to your mouth … Hmmm… those yummy fingers…

Your favourite thing to look at is the good old ‘Winnie the Pooh’ ball, which I have no idea how it came in our house or whom it belongs to!!! You look at it and coo, first with delight, and then eager and then with an intense desire and impatience and start screaming. You move your lips and drool so much. Finally when it does reach your hands, you snatch it with both hands and start chewing on it like someone who hasn’t eaten in days.

You also love to look at the other baby in the mirror. You smile and converse with him and also enjoy the other me. I love the way your eyes brighten up when you look at me. You prefer looking at me and your dad over other things. That is, your ‘winnie the pooh’ ball excluded. Well, I should say you prefer looking at me and your dad rather than your linkable rings, stackable balls and rattles – sometimes.

When I put you in the carrier and go out, you just seem to forget me completely. Even if I go around for 1 hour, you will sit calm and contended, looking all over the world. Once in a while, you do look up at me and smile, as if you had been wanting to look at me all this while, which I somehow doubt.

You are still afraid of the pressure cooker whistle, to say the least. You freeze at the sound of the whistle and listen to it until it is over, your face turning from ‘surprised’ to ‘absolutely upset’ and then you cry. I do not quite understand why you are so unhappy. It becomes a hard task to raise your mood for you keep crying again and again.

You wake up a couple of times to nurse in the night. I changed my place in our bed to your right. Now, you have started turning to the right very well. You turn your head as much as possible in search of the nipple. This one day I woke up when you were trying to latch on to my elbow!!!

And there are these days when just sit, eat and read something on the computer while you lay on the floor, completely silent… *PAUSE* Completely silent? akbf;oiha[wrfi;aoghoi;afw!

I turn to look at you and you are there watching me intently. I don’t know if you have been smiling all the while. But you are smiling when I look at you. Your eyes bright and full of love. My heart breaks a little. But considering how forgiving babies are, I wish this moment would stay forever…

I love you my pappu…

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