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Yes, you read it right. I DID mean “Picky fathers” and not “fathers of picky toddlers”.

Did I mention that hubby is a picky person? May be not. Because I normally use the phrase “a man of unique taste” to describe him. Sometimes I love it too, for I shall be considered one of his unique likings ain’t I? His unique taste blends over all aspects of life. This is probably one of the dozens of differences we both have.

I love to keep a wardrobe full of clothes of different styles, while he prefers to buy only a handful of shirts and pants which he will repeat over and over again, (a) until it gets completely worn out or (b) until his wife threatens to throw it away unless he buys himself a new set of clothes. Thankfully, option b happens before there is even a chance of option a. I suppose that he would more likely choose option a, well, given a choice.

I prefer to look beautiful, even if it meant that I should wear some uncomfortable clothes. But he chooses comfort over good looks. But sometimes I follow him. For the kind of casuals he chooses, one could even go to bed in those clothes if need be. Now, I call that as comfortable.

Last week all three of us went shoe shopping. Even though the main idea of shopping was to get the much needed sandals for hubby, I managed to buy a shoe within 5 minutes in the first shop and even commented that I’d be the only woman present there who bought a shoe in 5 minutes. In the next shop in another mall, we bought Pappu’s shoes. Then we visited a few more shops before he found what he had wanted in a shop which was last in our list. I was surprised that the kind of shoe that he had imagined in his mind was even available in the stores. I thought I would have to have it custom-made from Red Tape. It looks nothing out of the ordinary. But he is particular about the texture of the insides, the material of the outsides and many other things that I didn’t even want to know.

And then it comes to food. I love to try different cuisines, while he runs away from restaurants which have unknown items listed on their menu cards. More often, I’d have to drag him along with me to try some new food promising that I’ll get him a better dinner once we get home, if he couldn’t ingest the new food. He’d agree and tag along with me. Sometimes, he comes to like the food more than I do and we frequent the restaurant often. But most often, we never go there again.

One of my dear friends told me that her hubby is a bad critique but a great taster(tester?). He eats anything that she makes. I laughed and replied that my hubby is a great critique. He can find exactly what’s wrong in the recipe. But food refuses to enter his food canal once he found out that something is wrong, after all.

What amazes me most is, this man didn’t fail to make a big impact during our first meeting. For all the differences between us which was obvious, he chose what many people would not dare to. We were opposites in all that I could think of at that moment but he believed that he had found his perfect match. In fact, this is one of the very few things where the saying “opposites attract each other” really works. This is also one of the few things that I’m secretly thankful for, every day in my life. The differences, that keep our relationship alive with fierce passion along with the similarities that actually bonds us.

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