August 6, 2009 Sugirdha 0Comment

Pretty handbags/purses/pocketbook days were over before pregnancy. That was when I would carry a beautiful hand bag, too heavy for it’s size, filled with all my makeup , some accessories, phone, wallet and some junk. When I got pregnant, carrying a bottle of water and some snacks became necessary. But nothing could have prepared me for what to come after child birth.

I had shopped for pretty diaper bags but couldn’t find any in budget. It was not required anyway. The amount of stuff I carried in the pram can’t fit into any diaper bag. Only during stroller breaks can anyone see how much I’m actually carrying around. My friends would make fun of me.

The other day I went out with the same group of friends. Suddenly, when we were in the train, Pappu decided that he should be impatient. Pappu is known to behave so well in public. I personally believe that an active child and a well behave child are rarely the same child. It’s just so difficult for a toddler to BEHAVE well when he is so active. But most often, Pappu is so well behaved given his activeness.

When he started to get cranky, I took out a toy truck from the stroller. He played for exactly 3 minutes before he was done with it. Then, I got him his play phone out of the pram. After 3 minutes, I took out a little rattle and 3 more minutes later, I got a pack of flash cards from my hand bag. That went on for 10 minutes and by then we had reached our destination without him having to throw a fit.

My friend asked if I really carry so much stuff everyday. I told her that not only do I carry so many toys in my “too big diaper bag”, but also that’s how I maintain a well behaved baby.

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