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[7] Life goes on with or without blogging

I started the month well. I had a list of painting goals ready on Jan 1 just the way I usually have my business ones. Not to mention the blog, I had decided to do NaBloPoMo. All was well until the first couple of days I had a sudden tummy bug that stopped me from writing that day’s daily post. I did a double post the next day. Actually I had written a post about the day of tummy bug attack which is still in review. Hope to post it soon.

But yesterday I again had to skip posting. I had a hectic day and by evening, when son was taking his afternoon nap and soon after which I had to rush for a major conference, I had developed a back ache. I’m still recovering from it, considered skipping the blog post today too, but the little bit of determination had me doing this post, before rushing for another appointment.

The Lighthouse

Oil Pastels on linen

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