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…plus a week

Dear baby,

I have been so consumed in other things that I absolutely forgot to write updates on your development. No, I didnot forget that you were growing up. For, every month near your birthdate, you do something new and exciting as if to announce that you were another month old. Two days before your six months birthday, you did this.


Things happened so fast after that. Two weeks after that, I left you in the room after giving you your daily oil massage. I was in the kitchen getting your bathtub ready. After a minute, I came back to check on you because you were keeping so quiet. YOU WERE SITTING and smiling. Yes, SITTING in all caps. Because that was how I reacted exactly. I made a loud screech of partly joy and partly fear and I picked you up.

The next day, I had made up my mind and had the camera ready. When you sat, I was holding my breath and recording it in the camera. And then you fell down. And ever since then, you have been falling down on an average of once everyday.

A couple of days before your 7th month birthday, you started crawling. I am not able to decide on whether I’m happy about this milestone or not. Happy that my baby can explore the world on his own; happy that I do not have to hold or entertain you all the time; Or sad that I cannot leave you out of my eye sight for even a moment (no, not even for rest room breaks).

We threw away our cot and laid the mattress on the floor after that incident. Now a days I lay you on the mattress when I really have to leave you for a minute or two. As soon as something that is not on the mattress catches your eyes, you laugh and crawl faster than your usual speed and trip down when you reach the edge of the mattress. I try my best to avoid your falling down. But sowehow, you win most of the times.

Things that you love to get your tongue on:

  • All electronic stuff including but not limited to chargers, cables, phones and laptops
  • My black slippers
  • Straps used to hold you in place in the stroller, high chair and changing table
  • Anything that I do not want to to get your tongue on

You love to empty your toy basket, right after I put all the toys in it.

You also love to babble. You have been using consonant sounds a lot recently. And I have no words to describe how I feel when you say mama, knowingly or unknowingly. Only this morning, you said cla, cla, cla. Which I think is quite unusual.

Sometimes, we also make you stand holding on to furnitures. You enjoy this, especially when the said furniture is something that you are usually denied access to.

You laugh quite a lot, and sometimes you cry too. You have started roaring now a days, instead of your usual high pitch screaming laughter. Sometimes, the way you roar while seeing other babies in the train, we get worried that you were going to scare the other babies off. You are a happy baby, which makes me so proud in public.

You are not a very fussy eater, which is a sigh of relief for me. You love store bought baby food, especially the desserts, though you do not enjoy the cooked carrots or potato mash that I make for you. May be you are very picky.

You have started recognising your name since the past 2 months. You smile when I say your name. I say your father’s name and that smile disappears. I called everyone I know to announce that my baby has learned his name! Recently, not only does the smile disappear, but you also look at me quizzically, as if I had gone mad or something. Why on earth would your mother call you a name that is not yours?

You have been giving a tough time for me since yesterday, fussing quite a lot and nursing every 10 minutes (when you are not sleeping). I guess you are really teething now. Not that I am happy about it. It is going to pain a lot more when you bite me while nursing!

Still I’m looking forward to it, my little monster!

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