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Dear Baby,

Some of these days I wake up wondering where my little baby has gone; the baby who after waking up would call for mommy and wait to be picked up. All I can see curled up next to me is a charming handsome little boy who wakes up and climbs down from the bed by himself and walks around the house looking for someone and flashes a big warm smile when he finds mom or dad. I don’t even get to sing my good morning song these days. We get right into action after waking up. Our morning routine includes, brushing teeth, having breakfast, listening to nursery rhymes, singing and dancing.

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When we are out and about, you walk quite a lot while I just push the pram dumped with diaper bags and walk next to you. You seem to know all the places around our house. I told your dad that if I just tell you where to go, you will walk all the way to the train station and take the lift upstairs and board the train. And of course not to mention all the distractions on the way, I have learnt to get ready an hour in advance so that we’ll reach on time; after all the things have been seen and touched, all birds have been watched and all cars have been pointed out.

Your love for books is amazing and now your father questions me why you have only limited number of books? Why didn’t mommy buy more for his lovable son. I too want to get more books for you. My only concern is the amount of time you will demand from me. You always decide which book you should read and you drag me (or more precisely, my index finger which is attached to my body) from room to room pointing to various books and asking me to read for you.

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You recognise some body parts and you also learnt to compare yours with others. If you see someone batting their eyes on the TV, you point to yours eyes and then mine and show the TV imitating the action. You have learnt to chit-chat on phone (like mother, like child?). When I call my mother, you spend 3-4 minutes of non-stop talking and listening after which you start playing with the phone.

You follow almost all instructions. If I tell you to keep something in it’s place, you swiftly go and do exactly what I say. You then smile and clap for yourself and once I have announced that you are a good boy, you remove it from there with a naughty smile. You just want to tease me. If I ask you where something is, you go in search for it and mostly find it out. If you don’t want something, you shake your head and gesture no with your hand and if I insist, you push me away.

Cooking is fun now a days. All I have to do is to provide a pan, a laddle and some grains or your play food set and you will happily spend your time cooking while I do the real cookign on stove top.

aug09 083

Sometimes you insist that you do it on stove top too but otherwise you are just fine with cooking on the floor. For more fun, I change the pan and laddle and give you different shapes and colors to work with. I have also left one shelf in my kitchen open for you which has safe kitchen stuff like tupperware.

Your love for bicycles is so great that sometimes I’m very tempted if I should go ahead and buy one for you. Whenever you see somebody in bicycle you just insist on going behind them.

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You eat well these days but you still want to nurse to go to bed. If I ever dare to pull the plug once you are asleep, you scream as if the breast is your only lifeline and get back in work. You won’t sit in high chair anymore. I have to be creative and find new ways to make you sit. You squeeze out of my brain the creativity that god had put inside.

You recently learnt the fun of screaming. You scream on top of your lungs even when you are happy. We are changing plans about our business meetings because we cannot trust on you to be quiet anymore. You love smaller babies and you seem to expect that they should play with you. You enjoy playing with the older kids. Even if I put you among 4, 5 or 6 older kids, you run along with them and have a blast.

Yesterday, you took your part time hobby of “throwing things out of the door” to the next level. When we were at the shopping mall, and when I took my eyes away from you for just a while, you threw one of your shoes from fourth floor into the sale area of first floor. And then you were upset and called me and pointed to your feet.

I am amazed by how much you already know. You love watching the birds in one of the houses in the next block. Yesterday you discovered that the parrot actually speaks. Once it started speaking, you were upset and you wanted to leave the place immediately. Were you trying to teach me that birds are not supposed to speak and that situation was very unusual?

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You are such an adjusting and easy child. Whatever challenges you have, you try to handle it yourself without giving much trouble to anybody. Sometimes, it breaks my heart to see how you do not even complain about having a stuffed nose and go about breathing with your mouth. I feel guilty that I can’t do much to help, not even carrying you around. You choose to be happy whatever situation you are in and that alone makes me content. May be my dad was right during those initial days after your birth. He said “This boy is born to be happy and make others happy”. Oh yeah, he was absolutely right!

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  1. Awesome da! I can’t take my eyes off pappu’s pic. He looks sooo handsome. OMG Time flies so fast!

    And you are a great mom. I loved how you start an hour early so that he will get enough time to look at things. 🙂

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