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I’ve been writing letters to you every month and only yesterday I posted one about your 15th month with lots of pretty pictures of you smiling and playing. Today I’d like to present to you this picture to show you that it’s not always about being angelic. Sometimes, I (only I and your father) get to see you like this.

aug09 004

I shall safe-keep this picture for future references. And I shall cruelly point out how even in these situations I never lost temper and how I was speaking lovingly (hmm, yeah after the picture was taken) and how I never said words like “No” or “Don’t” to you.



One thought on “[8] Not just an angel

  1. Who can blame him? It’s hard work being adorable AND angelic ALL THE TIME =P (Really, though, he’s still so cute!)

    Thank you so much for the congratulations on Charlotte’s birth =) I’m looking forward to sharing those comments with her when she’s older, and it means alot to me that you took the time to send your best wishes. So thanks!!

    : Yeah so true. Of course, we do all these to share with them in the future right? There’s nothing as wonderful as knowing all about one’s babyhood, not to mention the photos and videos and people’s comments….

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