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It’s quite too late, I know. This was what I got for my birthday, 4 months ago 🙂

It is special for so many reasons.

Firstly, hubby surprised me with a perfect gift on the midnight of 9th july. It IS a big deal because hubby has never ‘surprised’ me with a gift. He is the person who smiles and says ‘how could I be sure of a gift you would love?’ and then takes me to a really expensive restaurant that we wouldn’t visit otherwise. He is the person whom I gave a list of ‘what women like for gifts’ a couple of months back. Well, it’s not a hint. Because I didn’t say ‘I’d like a doll’ or something. And, also, I did say ‘women like jewellery, gold and diamond ones’, which he didn’t give me. Why yes, he decides on his own!!!

Secondly, it is me. Yes, that’s what I call it as. The ‘me’ doll. It looks exactly like what I was at that time. The jewellery in the neck, ring in middle finger, the light coloured dress, a 2 month old baby in the hands, a wrapping blanket with lines in it, the black hair and everything. It was perfect!

It has been in the living room all these months, and I was looking at it everyday. Only yesterday I saw it and remembered that I do not have a picture of myself like this. In fact, we do not have much pictures of ourselves carrying the baby. We were so busy taking the baby’s photos that we forgot to include ourselves in it! One could say ‘so what’s the problem? you could take nice pictures of you now!’. The problem is that the baby is growing up too fast and he would no longer stay in our hands like this. Much less, to be wrapped in that blanket. He no longer likes to be swaddled. I do not even remember the last time I wrapped him in a blanket. Was it before a month or two?

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