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Warning: Do not read if you hate to read about poop*

The baby hadn’t pooped for 3 days. Oh, we were so worried to see him stretch his arms and legs in pain and wail. I tried everything – home remedies, colic drops, massages, warm water, everything. He wouldn’t poop. It must be because of the cereals I was trying to force him to eat.

He was all cranky for the past 2 days. Nevertheless, we went to the department store yesterday. He wanted to be carried all the time and wouldn’t laugh much whatever we do. On the way back, I put him in the stroller because we had to stand in the train where he was chewing his teething rings.

All of a sudden, he started to laugh, aloud. He became too happy and everyone in the train was looking at us, out of curiosity. Hubby and I looked at each other, happy that our baby was happy. Then, as if by magic, it struck us a moment after we smelled it.

Oops. He pooped!!! Because it had happened before. When he hadn’t pooped all day and poops late, he smiles and becomes happy. So this is it. But he was laughing way tooooooo much. Then he must have pooped way tooooooo much too. I couldn’t wait to come home and change his diaper.

So we went to the changing station once out of the train and opened his diaper. It was clean… and nothing in it! It was such a false alarm. I dunno why! May be his wind drops worked. May be he passed gas that was smelly, and that must have relieved him way tooooo much.

We would have to go see the doctor and get a medicine for constipation. To keep with me just in case.. You know, my mother says it’s quite common in babies who are fed something other than milk. Well, another addition to my medicine chest!

Edited: Oh today he pooped while playing on the floor. It’s such a relief for me. I picked him in my hand and on the way to the bathroom, I was singing ‘so you pooped, baby you pooped’.

I had never been so happy see a poop! Infact, I almost said ‘Ooooooooohh thats a lot of poop… hmmmm yummy!’

(* Is someone gagging here? I told you not to read it if you hate poop stories!!!)

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  1. hehehehehehehehehehe wat a pooopy story thr..1st time here..been hooked to ur blog since yeste..loving it here..:)

    The_Inspired: Hi Swathi, Glad to know that my son’s poopy story entertained someone… 😉

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