I’m Sugirdha /sʊ gɪr ðɑː/.

I had studied and worked as an electronics engineer in India before moving to Singapore with my husband in 2007. I started this blog in 2008, shortly after the birth of my son to share my adventures in art, motherhood and inspirations.

I was happy being a stay-at-home mom but not only did I hate cooking and cleaning, I seemed to have a great passion for helping kids make a mess. Books and art supplies were at my son’s disposal at any time without having to wait for me, which sounds good, but you might as well call it “one big mess that doesn’t have to be cleaned up”. I also enjoyed reading and making art with other kids, letting them do what their mothers won’t allow at their home.

Couple of years ago, I decided to call things to order and instead of restraining my passion, I made an occupation out of it.

I am Certified in Western Art by NAFA. Currently, I’m a private art teacher and I teach small groups of kids at home. Art has always been my passion and children, my inspiration.

I enjoy what I do and love sharing my experiences. Here, you will find art ideas and projects useful for home school or small private groups of kids. You might even learn to take your own adventures starting here!

Thanks for stopping by and hope I’ve made your visit worthwhile!