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Son is all about pretend play now…

He uses real time vessels to make dosas in his imagination (actually he does all the steps involved in making dosa perfectly). He then serves it in a plate and tells us to taste it. And then he fills up a bowl with sambhar from another big vessel to eat with the dosa. With all the cuteness involved in this process, this dosa-sambhar combo must be the best in the world, if only it was real.

He relates things from his book and sometimes let his imagination flow. One of his books have a big picture of a milk bottle and on the opposite page is a hobby horse. A couple of months back, he saw those pictures before closing the book, thought for a moment and then immediately opened it again and said that the horse drank milk from the bottle. One day after many weeks of not seeing the book (we went to India in between) he found a similar hobby horse in a shop and said that horse wants milk and acted as if giving a bottle in the horse’s mouth and made a sucking sound. After that every time he views that page, he keeps doing the same action.

He stands on his walker (actually he climbs on it reminding me he is too old for a walker), holding onto it’s handles and says that he is driving an auto. It’s an experience he got 2 months back in India and he still remembers how they drove it.

The other day, he found a large circle in a book he reads everyday but this time it reminded him of a steering wheel. He said he was driving, steering with his hands, making a car engine sound and occasionally using one of his hands to change gears. The driving went on for some time and then he recognized it as a circle and moved on to the other pages of the book.

He reached the height of pretending the other morning when he woke us up from sleep and announced his dad’s name is one of our friends’ name. And then he fished out the name of this friend’s wife and said that’s mom’s name. Hubby and I were surprised and hubby asked “Then who are you?”. And he announced he was baby A, who is the son of the same couple.

We ended up laughing out loud even though we were so surprised not only by the extent of his imagination and pretend play, but also that he understands the concept of family very well.

I try so hard to remember the incidents from this period of his life, but he keeps doing and saying things all day long and in the process, I keep forgetting what had happened in the morning. While I wish I had recorded everything, still I’m so happy and feel blessed for what’s happening right now and for what tomorrow has in store.

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