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My poor little son lost his first baby tooth after weeks of anxious tooth shaking and anticipation about his first Tooth Fairy visit. Unfortunately he swallowed the tooth along with his bite of sandwich. He rummaged through the remains of our lunch for the tiny tooth and when he couldn’t, broke down crying about having to go to school with a “broken tooth”.

That was couple of days ago. I really did feel bad so today I suggested that he appeal to tooth fairy and see if he would still get a chance. Of course, I had to spend the next several minutes explaining that he could ‘appeal for something when it doesn’t happen the way he wanted and it really wasn’t his fault’. He took to the idea and wrote the letter in the evening.

Dear Tooth Fairy 1.jpg

He was so eager to write that he was writing much faster than I’ve ever seen him do. And if I consciously made him add more words than necessary to his letter in the hope of giving writing practice, that wasn’t my fault at all.

Dear Tooth Fairy 2.jpg

His first, most legible letter was complete with a colon, full stops where needed, an exclamatory mark (he seems to have taken after my love for exclamatory marks) and his signature which deserved 5 stars and a smiley! (yeah, that’s what I meant)

Dear Tooth Fairy 3.jpg

He got the envelope ready and even though it was not going to be posted, he put a stamp on it out of respect for the Tooth Fairy. After all, this is not a normal request, it was an ‘appeal’.

Dear Tooth Fairy 4.jpg

He carried the letter around with him all evening and then casually forgot to put it under the pillow. There was a reason why I called him ‘my poor little son’. This might be the cutest thing he ever did and I’m sure the tooth fairy would visit him tonight with more than what he expects and probably a note asking him to remember things, or better, to listen to his mommy. Yeah, Tooth Fairies could be evil like that!

Edited: March 14, 2014

He did find the envelope under his pillow the following day, with 2 dollars and a note saying that the fairy found his letter anyway, because he had been a nice child. He thought about it for a while and then asked me whether I did it.
I replied with a question. “Why do you ask me such a question?
I don’t know. Something tells me that YOU did it.
I answered with the “I don’t wanna talk about it” like I always did when he asked about Santa. After this, he insisted that he leave a gift for tooth fairy, probably 3 dollars, thanking her for her kindness. It was getting beyond my control and finally we settled with a nice little drawing to tooth fairy in return!

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