September 15, 2008 Sugirdha 0Comment

I had finished most of my work when hubby and the baby came back. I ran to the doorway to find out how they did. Baby was sleeping. Hubby said he was looking everywhere, at every one and every thing and fell asleep only when he waited in a queue for billing. I could see a proud look in hubby’s face.
After he had laid the baby carefully in the bed, I asked him how it was. He said ‘superb’. Now, if you were me, you would know that ‘superb’ means, “Wow, I’m so happy today. It was so much fun to take my baby outside all by myself. I would love to do this often”, especially since it came from hubby, a man of less words.
A proud father he is. And how happy I am to see this look on hubby’s face. I definitely look forward to the days when our baby would jump and scream ‘me, me, me’ and walk along with his dad….

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