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We happened to meet a man with his pet, a macaw parrot in our neighbourhood. Now, there’s a reason why I didn’t have a pet before my son was born. I just wasn’t… brave enough! (Aaaahhhh! I’ve said it!). And it was a pain when I volunteered to pet dogs and cats and even a 6 month old lion cub  just because I found my son getting scared of animals just like I did. I did my job well, for my son was brave enough to ask strangers to let him touch their dogs. All was well, except, birds. We didn’t have a chance to get close to birds and the ones we met at the zoo were just too big. Most of them were bigger than son’s then size so he continued to be scared of birds, big or small.

So yesterday when we saw this stranger with his macaw  I decided to demonstrate my bravery to get my son acquainted with a bird. Our friendly neighbour took charge to get my son to get closer and feed his macaw which had a beak which was longer and stouter than my son’s 3 fingers. (I didn’t think it was a good idea at all). But all went well and on getting back home, I found my son planning how he would fill up his zoo (his long time dream is to be a zoo keeper, along with being a fire fighter and a policeman and a cowboy with a gun) with all macaw parrots.

Later we had this discussion:

Mama, is my new friend macaw a boy or a girl?
We don’t know honey. You heard the man saying that even he didn’t know.
But they just have to check his privates.
I don’t know. May be birds’ privates are so small, it’s difficult to say.
Oh then all we need is a “Magnifying Glass”!!!

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