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We went to this familiar restaurant after a long shopping and seated ourselves comfortably. Just when we were about to order food, Pappu decided that he has had enough. He refused to sit or be in our arms and he wanted to run around. I put him down hoping that he would be having fun with the friendly waiters. He fell down and broke his ego and started throwing a fit.

Hubby and I tried our best to keep others’ comfort at the best and somehow made Pappu sit on the high chair. I started feeding him his food and when Hubby finished eating, we switched places so that Hubby could feed Pappu while I had my dinner. That’s when I noticed the family sitting next to our table who were smiling at us sympathetically. The reason for that smile was evident when I actually overheard their comments about my family that were being exchanged within my earshot.

The woman said, ‘See. He didn’t let his mother eat at all. Now they are taking turns, this is the only way to survive.’

The man said, ‘What a torture!!’. Their 2 kids who must be around 18 years old were joining them.

The woman replied, ‘Some kids are just calm. That is good. But this…….’.

I didn’t want to listen any more. I mean, what? A torture? Oh come on, you should realise that I am sitting so close to you and it’s obvious that you know that I am listening. I quickly changed my attention to my own food and family.

On a completely unrelated note, soon after that family left, my son started behaving and ate all of his food and made friends with all the staffs in the restaurant. Like I said, unrelated!

2 thoughts on “Another day out in the world

  1. Kids will be kids. I don’t understand how some people expect these tiny tots to behave like adults. Weirdos!
    The_inspired: Yeah really. They must have forgotten coz they had their’s nearly 18 years back LOL.

  2. What was wrong with those people. Did their babies come to earth as well behaved 18 year old ones?

    You said paappu behaved well after they left. Maybe they were bothering him :)) LOL.

    We did the same thing taking turns eating last week in restaurant, as baby refused to stay in her car capsule and we had to hold her.

    The_Inspired: LOL, that could be true.

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