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The day started like any other. Waking up and cooking and having breakfast and then sending off hubby to office. It was all very normal. And then I sat down to chat with my mother, like I do everyday. She was curious. “You came late today. What are you doing?” After confirming that I was doing not what she was expecting, she waited for some more time and said “What day is today?”

And then it occured to me. Oh my GOD I missed some date, yet-another-time. I checked the bottom right corner of my computer screen and it says it’s May 22, 2009-11:10 AM. I was speechless for sometime, before I got her on phone her and said “Many more happy returns of this day, Mom. Happy Anniversary. And please don’t tell dad that I forgot. Let me call him now!”


Dear Mom and Dad,
I know. I know that I forget every year. But I also know that you both are the most forgiving parents in the world. You know how to laugh and say “Our chukku hasn’t changed yet” and not take this personally. Much as I know that there’s no explanation needed, I still want to write this so that you can rest assured that I mean this, hmm, when I forget again next year!

Ma, Pa, I might forget dates. But I don’t forget anything else. I want you to know that I love you and think of you every day, every morning, not just a couple of mornings every year. I want to make everyday special for you just as this day. Probably that is why I never sent a gift for you. I want to give you the gift of happiness, every single day. And I promise you that I will live upto it.


I thank you for living your life. You ask ‘what???’. Yeah if you hadn’t chose to live the life you have now, I wouldn’t have been here right? I feel so blessed for my own life.

I’ve had a great childhood…

With a dad who will buy whatever his daughters would want, choose the bestestest gifts for them even though he never learnt how to shop for himself, would provide them with the most liberal environment I had ever known and keeping them in check at the same time…

And a mom who is everything that I would ever want from a mom, who has always been a friend and a guide who shares the world with me every morning and warn me when I am off track, and taking care of even the littlest details of my life even today, like cooking and cleaning and my health even though she lives across the world.

I’m continuing to enjoy the same benefits of childhood at 26 years now, which most people only get to enjoy until they are 16 or 17, and am living with the love of my life, the best husband of the world, whom you chose for me. My life is the best!

I feel as blessed to be in this family, that all I would wish for my son is to feel the same way after 25 years. It’s a blessing to have a happy child of that age, who loves you like they do when they are 1 year old! 


I love you, Mom and Dad. Sweet Kisses

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