November 2, 2008 Sugirdha 0Comment

We are back home after a 3 days stay at the hospital. The baby is well now, no more fever, but I am to continue giving him the antibiotics to prevent any more infections… for very long… Hope the worst is over!


Hubby read my previous post and said it was confusing. Huh! Maybe, you know. May be what’s confusing here is “what is selfishness?” and “who is (not) selfish?”. So I thought I’ll explain what I think.


Well, I did plan to explain it. All the above said happened about 4 days back. Somehow, I didn’t find myself finishing the post and hitting ‘publish’. Anyway, I guess it’s meaningless to hold on to it endlessly, so I am publishing it incomplete. Hope I will gather my thoughts soon enough and put it here. **SIGH**

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