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Back to the brushes…

But the truth is, I don’t plan to bring those brushes out until my son learns why mommy wouldn’t be happy if he touched them.

Anyway, I did bring my pastels outside yesterday and to say that I’m happy to be painting again would be an understatement.

I’m doing oil pastels now, the only painting medium I can think of now, which takes only a box of crayon sticks, a paper and my lap so that it can be packed away when I hear my son stirring in his bed after a nap. This one’s my 4th ever oil pastel painting.

I do miss my oil paints and the smell of turpentine and the dirty but satisfying workmanship of those old painting days. Hmm, for now, I guess this works good enough. I love pastels now because I can finish one painting on the same day, within one hour, whereas it takes months to complete oil paintings. The whole world knows my patience level!

1 thought on “Back to the brushes…”

  • Good luck with your painting mom.

    Ha, now I know, I have to wait for another few months to start my crocheting 🙂 Great.

    The_Inspired: :-). Thanks dear…

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