September 14, 2008 Sugirdha 0Comment

Today I allowed my baby to venture outside with his father alone-leaving me behind.

It is work day and I had lots of work to complete. So I asked hubby to carry the baby along with him when he went to the grocery store – which is 2 blocks away from our house. And regretted my own suggestion when hubby put the baby in the carrier and started out. Oh, I have never allowed the baby to be out of my sight and earshot. I considered calling off the suggestion I made and sending hubby alone. But it won’t be right. Hubby needs some experience veturing out with the baby too.

I stood there teary eyed when they both started their outing. I could foresee the what is to come after 7 or 8 months. Whenever hubby goes outside, my baby will shout ‘me, me, me’ and go along with him. He might not even care to look at me and say bye.

I was thinking about the nature of life. I have to keep my baby close to me where only I can feel him. After a few months, I have to let him out for the whole world to see and touch him. And later one day, his father will take him away from me. Is this what motherhood is all about?

Well, I knew the answer. And I quickly wiped my tears and went back to work. Ready for all the days which are yet to come.

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