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Best of 2014

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I’ve been very busy this past half year. I’d been suffering from nesting instinct when I was not suffering from morning sickness. But I’m not complaining! Since we’re “expanding our family by a couple of feet” this April, I thought I might as well do things I’d been wanting to do for 3 years since we moved into this house. Organise.

I’m almost done through the house and since I don’t want to be left with nothing to organise in 2015, I decided to do my blog. Going through my art lessons during the earlier half of last year, I made a list of some of the best I wanted to share here.

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6 best art projects from 2014

1. My first self portrait


This project might be my all time favourite with my small group of students. I love the results with all my heart, especially since I know each of them personally and understand how their own personality has reflected very well in their depiction of themselves.

2. Pete the Cat Comic Strip

PetetheCat_Comic Strip5.jpg

This is a wonderful literature inspired art project which was both fun and challenging to the kids. It was good to see those little mind so absorbed in creating their own story and using the character within the story and most of all, in creating their very own “comic strip”. This last point sure made this project such a hit.

3. Kinder Recycled Sculptures


It was one of those moments when our group of 5 year olds amazed me with what they can. I was quite doubtful even when I put a collection of recyclables in front of them and I showed them how I would make a robot using the materials. I was actually expecting an array of different robots. But not one of them chose to copy. They came up with their own ideas of what goes where and I couldn’t have taught them better!

 4. Texture and Pattern Lion


This is an amazing learning experience for my group of kinders. The textured filling of the main subject complements well with the analytical pattern of the background and the kids enjoyed the process. The main subject itself was a very important process since our reference was a complicated real life photo of a lion.

5. Monster Paper Collage


This was one of our monster projects (for some reason, a monster project is always a hit) inspired by a book. It was fun to see cute little monsters taking form glowing against the black background.

6. Teddy Bear Art Project

Teddy Bear.jpg

This was the kinders’ very first still life lesson. The whole experience of drawing from life and creating a very real looking teddy bear on their own was encouraging for the kids and had them asking for more.

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