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Blessing and praising are 2 important actions in life. They express love and gratitude, both of which if shared, comes back to us in abundance. Unfortunately, these are the least remembered actions too. Most of us bless when somebody sneezes and praise, ahh, yes, we praise ourselves and our children more than we praise others in a selfless way.

I’ve been thinking of this for a while and now is the time to make the change. I thought of putting this into action and making it a habit to bless and praise people. I promised Hubby and I promise you, my dear internet world, that I shall say atleast 5 sentences everyday either blessing or praising (or both) somebody other than my immediate family members for the next 21 days.

Why 21 days? Because I believe in the 21 day principle. If you just make yourself do something for 21 days, it becomes a habit. Try it on your own, it works.

I still haven’t decided how to keep track of it, or if it’s important to keep track at all, but I might send tweets of the 5 sentences I say or I might write them down on paper. If they are appealing enough to publish, I shall consolidate them into a blog post. Okay, my ‘bless and praise challenge’ (BPC) starts todayand ends on the 6th of October. Here I go to mark my calendar!

3 thoughts on “Bless and Praise

  1. I dont know about the blessing part but the praising part I practice quite a bit.
    Whether its to my kids or a random stranger complimenting on a outfit or shoe or a bag or their child’s makes the person so much more happier.

    The_Inspired: That’s great. For me, I praise my child very much but I noticed that I was not practicing it much with others. Anyway, at the end of this 21 day period I’d have changed.

  2. I too try and follow the praise part at home u know… but not all people react to it well… we indians are not good at handling praise

    The_Inspired: Yeah that’s true. ‘It’s not really that good’ reply is very common in India. I feel that is because of low self esteem, the self esteem which was actually harnessed from childhood starting from “you might have 95% marks but why aren’t you 1st?”. Accepting one’s greatness is mostly misunderstood as boasting.

  3. I say “Thank You” to people when they do something for me – can be the person in a store, hotel, bus, hospital, anywhere I go.

    Is it considered praising. I am not sure about the blessing part.

    The_Inspired: Yeah. We normally thank people and spread a feeling of gratitude that’s good. But I don’t really consider it as praising. Complimenting people on something is.

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