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I read this motion picture-turned-book, The Secret by Rhonda Bryne.


At a first glance through the pages, I realized that this was going to be either “Wow it changed my life” book or a “What the…?” book. I’m just fortunate that it turned out to be the first type.

“As you learn The Secret, you will come to know how you can have, be or do anything you want. You will come to know who you really are. You will come to know the true magnificence that awaits you in life.” — from the introduction

After finishing, I told my friends, if I were to list all the $20 I ever spent in my life, this one would be on top. This is something that changes lives.


The book says that The Secret is the law of attraction. Like attracts like, talking at a level of thought. At this point, I was able to grasp something. Yeah, this pretty much explains how on somedays something that upsets me only attracts more bad things, shaping up the so called bad days which makes you feel like you are the most miserable person on earth.

According to The Secret, if used properly, the most powerful law of the universe can be explained in 3 simple words: Thoughts become things. To explain further, what we think in our mind is what we will hold in our hand.  

At this point, the book was getting hard to understand. And soon I realized that it was even harder to believe. Faith is not something that comes overnight, right. I had to first understand how this thoughts thing works. I wanted a believable and scientific approach. Not just superstitious. And I got a more reasonable one.

When we think, we are emitting frequencies which brings back similar frequncies toward us. We are like a human trasmission tower. Imagine sitting in our couch and waching TV. Aren’t we able to sit right here and change channels with our remote control? I don’t know how an antenna works. But I do know that every channel works on some frequency and with the help of the antenna and remote control, we change those frequencies. If this is possible, why thoughts could not work that way? It was surprising.

We always think. It is said that each of us have atleast 60000 thoughts per day. Quite a lot, huh? Now, if only we can control them! No its not possible to control or even monitor all our thoughts but ofcourse we could monitor our feelings. Depending on if we are feeling good or bad, we could change what we are thinking.

The most important lesson I learnt was how negative things appear in life even if we do not want it to come. Why do those get attracted? The answer was simple. The law of attraction doesn’t compute words of negation. When I don’t want something to happen, my dominant thought is what I do not want to happen. And that’s what happens.
It pretty much explained everything that happened in the past. The next few chapters of the book, about how to apply the secret, how to use the 3 step process of asking, believing, and receiving, etc, I should say, changed my whole life. Oh yeah, it’s not at all easy. Believing is not easy. But this book taught me that if only we believed, we could make dreams come true.

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