May 11, 2009 Sugirdha 0Comment

I was chatting with my friend and sent her my son’s first year video. She commented on how matured Pappu looks and how boyishly handsome he is! It’s nothing new. Ever since the haircut, people have been telling how different he looks. Not that I didn’t notice.
After chatting I opened the video and saw again. I saw how just a couple of months back he looked like a cutie-sweetie baby. I saw how fast he grew up after that. I saw how handsome he has become and how he doesn’t look like a girl. I guess we don’t have to answer ‘no, he is a boy’ anymore. I wonder if all babies leave babyhood behind as fast as mine did. If they do, what’s the hurry?
When I was pregnant I wished with all my will to have a girl; just because I thought I don’t know how to raise a boy. But nature took it’s course and gifted me with a boy. So far I didn’t feel any difference. But now the time has come.
He is lying by my side right now, we are not yet awake. I see his little big eyes trying to open in the morning sun. But he can’t. I don’t wake up with him very often. Usually he wakes up a bit late after me and by that time, I’m in the kitchen, cooking. Today I get to savour this moment.
Edelweiss, my little boy!!!

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